Pristine Lust

by Bloodsplash

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released October 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Bloodsplash Slupsk, Poland

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Track Name: Gun, Snow & Tits
"Gun, Snow & Tits"

That's fucking 'allas' they say,
Not really far down to hell,
3 things I'm taking with,
Gun, snow, and really big tit.

7 levels till I reach the core,
Nothing I have needed more,
Guns to kill and snow to fly,
Give me that and I can die!

Gun, snow and tits! x2

I'm lying drunk, no need to lie,
Life was just a failure line,
Brutal truth I must confess,
No one wants to see my face,

Put that fucking shovel down,
3 things left till I go down,
Only wish to bury me with,
Gun, snow, and a really big tit.

Gun, snow and tits! x2

Nothing good happened in my life,
Since birth an unwanted child,
Bringing suffer to higher class,
I fuck politics in the ass!

They say every man has to die,
What matters is what he lefts behind
No tears, they don't give a fuck,
I move to hellish paradise.

Gun, snow and tits! x2
Track Name: Mill

My cruelty,
Emerges from my fantasy,
I love the smell of flesh,
I bring the retribution,
I'll keep the pain forever

Bloodfilled mill will drill
You Motherfucker know it's real
Bloodfilled mill will drill
That shit won't disappear

Deep cuts,
I'll make you bleed forever,
Bones crushed,
You will beg for mercy,
Face melt,
No eyes to see your suffer,
Skin ragged,
I'm close to your soul

Bloodfilled mill will drill
You Motherfucker know it's real
Bloodfilled mill will drill
That shit won't disappear
Track Name: Cock'o'Corn

Depraved, I can't behave,
Your eyes in such pain,
Oh, I can't stand this view,
My cock, so fuck you!

Setlist shortened hard,
Finish guys, it's time!
The bringer of disgust,
You better spread the facts!

Run mortals, run fast,
The cock-o-corn has arised!
Wild horse catches air,
The cock-o-corn affair!

A rebel, devil's son!
How dared he show his balls,
There ain't a bad fame,
It's always Tusk to blame!


In fact and accident,
People's malice will end,
Yet the corn's been sown
No remorse, kill'em all!
Track Name: Vocation

War, fight for home!
War, fight to live!
War, fight for home!
War, fight for peace!

Destructive pain rages in your brain
Your body feels bloodfilled veins
Dark thoughts in head adds fear of death
New enemy – destroys your faith

Without your wounds we won't hear good news
Violence for freedom must be overused
In the name of life you shouldn't try
In the name of life you're going to die!

(2x chorus)
Track Name: Blood & Dust
"Blood & Dust"

Blood and dust on both my sides,
Children starving, soldiers dies.
Bloody splash on the wall,
They’re just fighting for their home.

6-year-old holding knife,
Seeking vengeance for dad’s life.
Bloody art fulfills head,
I shall kill, or I’m dead.

What I’ve done, what I’ve seen,
I can’t forget it, it’ll stay with me!!
Track Name: The Dark Passenger
"The Dark Passenger"

Sin of omission, the death's repetition,
Lack of evidence, it's end of court's mission,
With blood under his nails, he sees the blue sky,
The world will be better as soon as you die.

The Dark Passenger, takes control at the night, It's not time to think, what's good and what's bad, Murderer escapes from the system we've made, The court's powerless, with knife then I came!

The beast with white wings, a father, a son,
The hunger I feel, between love and 'it's done',
It's out of control, but what if it was,
Who's death is better, which sin is your choice?

Track Name: Just Another Nightmare
"Just another nightmare"

And I close my eyes again,
The blackness, it drives me insane...
An uncontrolled impulse,
Blood boiling, eyes behind mist...
I witness myself vanishing,
Something inside me grows...
It runs into my veins, my nerves,
Oh please, please, GOD NOOOOO!!!

Like an angel I float,
Above the grass,
A torrent through rocks,
A flood of blood,
The sky's turning red,
Sun tears apart,
I can't move my eyes,
I'm paralyzed,
The fright stays within,
As every night,
And sinus of life,
Sun's born and dies,
The black blackens deep,
In wait for dawn,
Yet this primitive need,
Keeps me alive.

Oh why, am I the one,
Who can't stand the night?

The sky starts to fall,
Star waterfall,
And the fire has spread,
Dust in my throat,
The skin comes off flesh,
My eyes boil,
And the storm has begun,
I hear the voice,
7 days turned backwards,
The end of world,
The endless pain of the void,
Ripping my bones,
And then I finally die,
Relief is brought,
And the taste of the sweat,
As I wake up...

Oh why, am I the one,
Who can't win this fight?
And what's the aim of live,
When I regret to be alive?